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Three questions with Kathleen O’Toole 

Recently, Mark43 named a new Board of Advisors made up of leading voices in the field of law enforcement and  information technology. We sat down with each of them and asked them three questions about their new roles with us. First up: Kathleen O’Toole. Kathleen O’Toole is a career police officer who led departments in…

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How The Cumbria Police Force Uses Mark43 Technology To Keep the Community Safe

cumbria police department badge

The Challenge The Cumbria Constabulary is a police agency in England of 1,285 police officers and about 680 civilian staff serving a population of about 500,000 across an area of 2,634 square miles. The Constabulary works to deliver outstanding police service to keep Cumbria safe by tackling criminality, including homicide and serious violence, as well…

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