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The Role of Data in Driving Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention

Women comprise only 13 percent of sworn law enforcement, eight percent of fire rescue, and 21 percent of emergency medical service (EMS), and the number of leadership positions held by women across these professions hovers in the low single digits. This underrepresentation of women, particularly in policing, stifles public safety’s potential. Moreover, the diversity index…

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6 Trends Impacting U.S. Public Safety in 2023

2022 was another year of change and challenges for public safety. Leaders in public safety need actionable insights to guide strategic initiatives and continue to serve their communities. As we move through 2023, what are the critical trends that will guide U.S. public safety organizations to success? In this webinar, industry leaders present an interactive…

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Public Safety’s Introduction to Implementing Mobile First Technology

First responders need to react and respond diligently, no matter where their mission takes them. Obtaining critical incident information and responding accordingly are crucial components in successful emergency response workflows. Agencies need mobile, responsive technology that works where they work. In this webinar, viewers will learn:

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Looking over the Horizon: A Discussion of U.S. Public Safety Trends for 2022

white line drawings on a blue background. Each of the line drawings represent a public safety trend discussed in the blog post. There is a hand holding a mobile phone, the top of a cloud, two hands shaking, smart watch, two conversation bubbles overlapping, a drone, a finger print, and a government building.

The last few years have been some of the most challenging for public safety in recent memory. Public safety agencies in the U.S. have had to contend with the arrival of COVID-19, nationwide protests and public unrest that followed the murder of George Floyd, a historic rise in violent crime, and a general decline in…

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