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Platform Approach

What's the difference between an integrated software application and an open software platform?

Typically, when provided by a single vendor, integrated software applications are applications that share data via some proprietary means. Connecting the applications is generally an afterthought and requires less than optimal technological and cost tradeoffs. An open software platform specifically architects applications to connect to each other by default, which means, cost, effort, and impeded functionality are avoided when connecting applications.

What sets the Mark43 platform apart?

With a world-class team from top universities, leading tech companies, and U.S. defense and intelligence agencies, we employed the best of modern technology and design to ensure our platform empowers our customers today and as their needs evolve in the future. From day one, we knew this meant building cloud-native technology. We partnered with both industry-leading cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to ensure maximum security and scalability for your agency.

My city/state is hosting most services on another cloud provider. Can we still use Mark43?

The cloud hosting provider used by your agency or your city has no impact on the ease of working with Mark43. While our platform is hosted on either AWS GovCloud or Microsoft Azure, your agency only accesses Mark43’s web or mobile applications through a standard end-user account. Your IT department does not manage any AWS or Microsoft infrastructure related to Mark43’s software — we’ve got the security and maintenance all covered for you.

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