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Mark43 Alternate CAD

Flexibility to support your ever-changing and unpredictable operations with leading connectivity and resiliency

Case of a disaster

Deploy when your primary CAD has been impacted by extreme weather or a critical incident, such as ransomware, to eliminate interruptions to potentially life-threatening responses

Atypical situation management and communication

Provide tactical support, such as special event management, on a separate CAD system to document, track, and collect all relevant and necessary data while staying connected to your specific task force

Training academies

Set up interactive dispatch training across multiple agencies and jurisdictions to ensure consistent and actionable skillsets are achieved

Deploy as a backup CAD

Mark43 Alternate CAD is designed to serve as a backup to your community’s primary CAD, providing the modern technology needed to keep your agency operating and constantly connected.

Leverage Relevant Data in the Field
Geospatial System

Provide first responders with vital functionality

Mark43 Alternate CAD provides vital functionality that pinpoints exact locations, provides enhanced mapping functionality and easily displays data for increased situational awareness, enhancing your ability to meet the specific needs of your community.


Learn how Mark43 is improving the quality of life and safety for public safety and communities around the world.