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Six Trends that Will Shape U.S. Public Safety in 2022

White icons representing the cloud, mobile devices, smart watches, instant messaging, drones, government, data, computers, servers, and agreements against a blue background

“Responsibilities that were once considered basic functions of public safety are now being re-examined, leading many to ask, ‘How do we move forward?’” — Scott Crouch, Mark43 Co-Founder & CEO The world is rapidly changing. And in the U.S. public safety is changing even more rapidly. Which begs the question, “What trends will shape U.S.…

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Benefits of a Cloud-Native Solution

Abstract concept of cloud computing connection that has white clouds connected by lines and arrows against a light blue background. In the center is a light blue cloud outlined by white.

When moving mission-critical systems to the cloud, an agency can choose to leverage a cloud-native solution or a rehosted solution.  Cloud-native software is built for use exclusively in the cloud and leverages a cloud provider’s core, unique capabilities, like continuous delivery (discussed below), improved disaster recovery, and auto-scaling computing resources. Rehosted software is the cloud-hosted…

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Community Safety Fellows: Tomorrow’s Public Safety Leaders

several community members gather to form the shape of a shield with a few members standing outside the gathering

Mark43 is committed to amplifying unheard voices. To that end, this summer we launched a brand new fellowship program. Our inaugural class of Community Safety Fellows brought together four students from diverse backgrounds to identify problems facing communities and offer solutions.  Police-community problem-solving. Fellows were given a simple prompt: “How can first responders and communities…

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Trading One Uniform for the Next: Veterans Serving as First Responders

In front of a deep orange sunset, silhouettes of armed forces members wait in a line to board a large military aircraft

On this Veterans and Remembrance Day, we honor and appreciate the military members, past and present, who have served their country during times of war or peace. Globally known as Armistice Day, November 11th commemorates the signing of the treaty that ended World War I. This day is special to Mark43 as we have been…

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How the Cloud Can Improve Your Agency’s Cybersecurity Posture

An cybersecurity illustration. On the left, a man sits at his desk while working on a monitor and desktop computer. He is connected by a cord to a server. The cord has a cloud with a lock on it. On the right, a woman sits at her desk while working on a monitor and desktop computer. She is also connected by a cord to a server. The cord has a cloud with a lock on it.

It’s unfortunate that cyberattack perpetrators rarely face consequences and make millions of dollars every time someone pays ransom, which means cyberattacks will continue to increase in volume and strength. How can your agency mitigate the risk of cyberattacks? There are several ways to guard against cyberattacks, including installing antivirus software, investing in security awareness training,…

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Making Customers a Trusted Development Partner

In the foreground, four people sit around a table discussing hackathon ideas. In the background, there’s another group of four people sitting around a different table discussing hackathon ideas.

How do you take a good product and make it great? Involve your customers. Since its inception, the Mark43 Hackathon has provided innovative ideas, enhancements, and upgrades to the Mark43 platform. This year, we decided to take our hackathon to the next level by involving our customers in the process. We took the traditional hackathon…

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Mark43 Celebrates National Community Policing Week

Three puzzle pieces in a row. The puzzle piece on the left says “community.” The puzzle piece on the right says “police.” The puzzle piece in the middle, which connects the left and right puzzle pieces together, says “bridge the gap.”

Last Friday, President Biden proclaimed October 3-9th as National Community Policing Week, calling upon “law enforcement agencies, elected officials, and all Americans to observe this week by recognizing ways to improve public safety, build trust, and strengthen community relationships.” Mark43 is excited to see an evidenced-based public safety practice elevated in such a way. We…

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Acknowledging The Toll That Suicide Takes On Law Enforcement

A purple and turquoise ribbon on a white background. The ribbon is framed by blue lines, and there is a small Mark43 logo (blue outline of a triangular shield next to the words Mark43 in black) in the bottom right corner.

September 26 is National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day. Mark43 joins our public safety partners to acknowledge the toll that suicide takes on law enforcement. Suicide is a silent killer, but a devastating one. In 2019, law enforcement officers had a 475 percent greater chance of dying by suicide than by gunfire from another person1.…

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