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Case Management

Mark43’s premier case management capabilities ensure investigators have seamless access to information and resources for a more streamlined workflow. Robust automation in the platform means investigative teams can focus on the case.

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Case Management, Simplified

Less time at your desk, more time in the field, more closed cases.

Dynamic Case Files
Dynamic Case Files

Easily find up-to-date information from all relevant reports that are included in your case file, as well as live updates to related items from across the RMS.

Case Templates
Case Templates

Create premade case templates for each type of investigation, including assignments, supervisors, routing, and required tasks.

Tasking & Routing
Tasking & Routing

Flexible tasking enables you to ensure timely completion of responsibilities, and seamless collaboration between team members.

Caseload Management
Caseload Management

Monitor active and incoming cases to ensure fast assignment, caseload distribution, and current case status.

Case Exports
Case Exports

Extract the information you need exported, when you need it, the way you need it.


Simplify the investigative process from start to finish with tools that let you focus on active detective work, without the administrative hassles.

Eliminate Information Silos@2x

Dynamic Case Files

Simplify the case creation process. Select the event in question, and the RMS will build a live case file with all the related information, with additional reports and items added dynamically, as they’re created. Your file will consolidate all the information including all:

  • Reports

  • People

  • Locations

  • Evidence

  • Tasks

  • All other associated records

Case Templates

Assign cases to the right people, let them know what needs to be done, and when. Define who should have access to different case types. Automate case creation and routing using configurable case templates including:

  • Unit, investigator, and supervisor assignments.

  • User access permissions

  • Case duration

  • Required tasks

Case Template


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