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Mark43 Dispatch enables telecommunicators to work swiftly and efficiently with the right information at the right time.

Dispatch Hero

21st Century Dispatching

Fast, informative dispatching keeps everyone informed and safe

High-Speed Workflows
High-Speed Workflows

Leverage Mark43's modern design to quickly and efficiently execute your workflows, all from the keyboard or the mouse.

Geospatial System
Geospatial System

Make dispatch decisions from the map to locate and assign the closest resources available while taking advantage of a live feed of department data with accurate location information.

Open API

Mark43's open API makes it possible to integrate any 3rd party application with Mark43 CAD to ingest or export any data your department needs.

What’s Included

Unit Recommendation

Unit Recommendations

Set up complex department response plans to recommend resources to respond to calls. Drive down response times and get units on scene faster.

  • See recommended units and quickly dispatch them to the scene.

  • Review recommendations before dispatching to understand how these resources were chosen.

  • Override recommendations when needed to dispatch the best resources for the call.

  • Unit recommendations and user overrides are logged in the call history for future review so you can learn and keep your response plans up-to-date.

Multi-jurisdictional / Data Sharing

Take calls and dispatch resources from anywhere, relying on pinpointed location resolution to route calls to the correct response areas. Access data from partner agencies all from one system.

  • Track resources from multiple agencies all on one call when multiple agencies respond to an active incident.

  • Route calls and units to the correct radio channel to assist in quicker response.

  • See past calls and history for vehicles and persons of interest across jurisdictions.

Data Sharing


Learn how Mark43 is improving the quality of life and safety for public safety and communities around the world.

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