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About Us

Mark43’s mission is to empower communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all.

Our Values

Operate with Humility.

The best ideas win, no matter who they come from. No ego.


Embrace people, ideas, and diversity of thought. Respect expertise.

Be Diligent.

Take ownership; do the drudge work. Understand the stakes.

Pursue Excellence.

Demonstrate and encourage quality. Continuously improve.


  • Leadership
Bob Hughes

Chief Executive Officer & member of Mark43 Board of Directors

Scott Crouch

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Matt Polega

Co-founder & Head of External Affairs

Florian Mayr

Co-founder & Vice President

Steve Salberta

Chief Financial Officer

Rebecca Welsh

Co-General Counsel

Shira Saiger

Co-General Counsel

Steve Hoffman

Vice President of People Operations

Tim Merrigan

Chief Revenue Officer

Ganesha Martin

Vice President of Community Affairs & Public Policy

Soyeon Yu

Vice President of Revenue Operations

Wendy Gilbert

Vice President of Product

Larry Zorio

Chief Information Security Officer

Omair Hamid

Vice President of Engineering, Product

Calvin Reuter

Senior Vice President, Global Services

Julian Peebles

Vice President, Customer Success

Jim Hull

Vice President of Business Development

Join our Team

300+ global team members making a real difference every day - come work with us!

Our Advisors

Mark43 is proud to partner with these individuals to make impacts for first responders and communities.

General (Ret.) David Petraeus

Former CIA Director & U.S. Army General

Jeff Bezos

Former CEO & Founder of Amazon

Sophia Bush

Actress, Director, Activist

Ashton Kutcher

Actor, Producer, Venture Capitalist

Vance Serchuk

Director, KKR

Catherine Reynolds


Ray Rothrock


Bryan Burk

Producer & Co-founder of Bad Robot

Tom Eisenmann

Professor, Harvard Business School

Sheel Tyle

Founder & CEO, Amplo Capital

Jonathan Smidt

Founder, Equable Capital

Ed Zimmerman

Chair, Lowenstein Sandler LLP Tech Group


The best business builders in the industry helping Mark43 change the world

General Catalyst
Goldman Sachs
Govtech Fund
Innovation Endeavors
Lowercase Capital
Spark Capital
Urban Us

Partners & Integrations

Mark43 connects to a huge network of partners because public safety is a team effort.


Learn how Mark43 is improving the quality of life and safety for public safety and communities around the world.