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Mark43 and AWS: Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency

Mark43 is recognized as a vendor within the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency. Many public safety software providers call themselves cloud providers, but Mark43 is the only RMS and CAD platform built on AWS GovCloud, and not migrated from an on-premise solution.

Using a cloud-native solution means you can benefit from:
Always utilizing

Always utilizing the latest and greatest in law enforcement software regardless of when you started using the system.

Regular Patch Fixes

Regular patch fixes implemented in hours or days; not weeks, months, or years.

Feature additions

Feature additions that every agency receives.

Releases that occur

Releases that occur with zero downtime.

Assurance that you're on supported version

Assurance that you’re always on the supported version of the platform.

Feature upgrades

Feature upgrades require a click of a button rather than months-long upgrades.

Mark43 and AWS GovCloud: A Cloud Native Solution for Public Safety

Mark43 builds the world’s most powerful public safety CAD, RMS, analytics, and property and evidence platform. Mark43 is designed to keep your agency at the forefront of each advance in public safety technology. More than a collection of standalone applications, Mark43 is a cloud-native, seamless, and extensible platform that gives your agency a foundation for the future. Mark43’s core applications for dispatch, records, and analytics are connected by platform-wide tools that securely break down information silos and integrate your agency’s array of software and hardware to unlock access to the insights in your data.

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