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Computer-Aided Dispatch

Mark43 CAD is the best-designed, most intuitive public safety dispatch application available. Built to mirror the way a telecommunicator thinks, the platform seamlessly augments any action a user performs to process an event.

Best CAD

The Best-Designed CAD Available

Mark43 design experts have created a user interface that is modern and provides a seamless experience for users employing all of the most up-to-date methods for user experience research.

Evolving Situational Awareness

Have all the data you need to safely respond to a call made available to you with a sync between records and CAD.

Situational Awareness
Geospatial System

Geospatial System

Access all of your department's geospatial information from the Mark43 CAD map to make the most informed dispatching decisions. Integrate Esri to maintain a live up-to-date sync with all of your department's location data.

The best-designed CAD available

Dispatching and responding in the field are hard, complicated, and pressure-filled. Responsibilities like these demand the best-in-class technology and support.

Mark43 CAD Core Capabilities