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Report Writing

Mark43 provides the fastest, most dynamic, and most intuitive report writing experience of any records management system.

Report Writing Hero
Dynamic Report
Dynamic Report

Guides officers through the data you need, eliminating double entry and multiple reports.

Built-in Compliance
Built-in Compliance

Ensure reports include the right information for federal, state, and local reporting.

Streamlined Workflows
Streamlined Workflows

Industry-leading design behind intuitive workflows, eliminates the need for extensive training.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting

Mark43's new streamlined report writing workflow and features make it easy to learn, simple to complete, and fast to deploy.

  • Dynamic sections and fields display only when contextually relevant

  • Active error validation prompts the user during report entry

  • Quick-add cards enable one-click report association

  • Simplify report narratives with key report and CAD event data selection

Built-In Compliance

Save time with native data collection and validations that ensure reports include the right information to be compliant with NIBRS, Use of Force reporting, and other federal and state reporting standards.

  • A continuously evolving platform means your agency is always compliant with changing reporting standards

  • NIBRS Technical Specifications are natively built into the system, prompting active error validations as you write reports

  • Mark43 RMS tabulates agency data, identifies and corrects errors, and generates a file in the FBI-required format

Compliance Built in Error Validation


Learn how Mark43 is improving the quality of life and safety for public safety and communities around the world.

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