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First Responder Mobility

Mark43 mobility enhances our current mobile ecosystem to provide first responders with the context-driven solutions they need to more safely and efficiently complete their in-field workflows, all from the palm of their hand.


What’s Included

The capabilities needed to enhance awareness and ease data collection.

Increased Officer Safety with GPS Tracking
Increased Officer Safety w/ GPS Tracking

Not only are officers now able to access critical event details from anywhere in the field, but our fully integrated GPS capabilities will also enable dispatchers and other concerned parties to see the precise location of all first responders at any point in time. Knowing where all officers are in the field, even when outside their vehicles, allows for optimal situational awareness.

Untethered, On the Go Access
Untethered, on the go access

No longer are first responders reliant on their mobile data terminal or radio to stay informed and keep others informed. Now officers have the autonomy to update their status, make updates to their event, or self-initiate a call from anywhere in the field.

On Scene Data Collection
On Scene Data Collection

Robust multimedia capture, including the ability to take notes via speech-to-text, in addition to driver’s license scanning and RMS person profile search allow for officers to capture and record data on the scene in a singular place. These mobile collections seamlessly flow through to the RMS and are available to use during report writing.


Learn how Mark43 is improving the quality of life and safety for public safety and communities around the world.