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Mark43 Pandemic Preparedness Package

Capture information in the field to access actionable data on how COVID-19 is affecting your agency. Mark43 will donate a one-year subscription to this platform to any interested public safety agency in the U.S.

Potential Exposure Reports

Potential Exposure Reports

This report allows all agency personnel to record an instance in which they may have been exposed to COVID-19. They can note any precautions or protective measures taken during the interaction.

Exposure Status Update Report

This report allows users to update the information initially documented in the Potential Exposure Report to include new test results, updates to the exposed individuals’ condition, or changes to their estimated return date.

  • Collecting and documenting this information may also be critical in the justification of state and/or federal reimbursement for COVID-19-related expenditures, and other forms of compensation, once the pandemic has subsided.

Exposure Status Update Report
Covid 19 Potential Exposure Dashboard

COVID-19 Potential Exposure Dashboard

This dashboard provides real-time data highlighting recent potential exposures and the overall impact on staffing, including the number of COVID-related absences expected per day, and the number of days until each individual is expected to return to work.

  • Interactive dashboards, graphs, and maps give users a complete understanding of COVID-19’s impact on personnel and staffing. The package can be configured to automatically send summaries daily, by shift, or even hourly based on agency preference.

  • Dashboard access can be configured and limited to certain users to give the agency complete control over where the data is shared.

Implementation & Training

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