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Mark43 Booking

Comprehensive booking solution that provides safer experiences for everyone involved. 

Built-in Compliance
Capture the Detainee Lifecycle

All booking photos, property, legal information, scars, marks, and tattoos, and events during custody are documented and can be searched and displayed at any time. 

In Station & Mobile Field Reporting
Log Events the Moment it Happens

Generate and track all events, such as medical appointments, housing, and financial receipts. Save time by logging information from a mobile device. 

Streamlined Workflows
Easy to Use Interface

Efficient data collection that walks you through the form fill process. Search, view, edit, and update information through the detainee profile. 

Feature 1 (1)

Seamless Integration with Mark43 RMS

Bi-directional information sync between Mark43 RMS and Mark43 Booking that pre-fills information, such as offense codes and arrest information, in data collection forms. 

Full Mobility

Book from anywhere, wherever you are, on whatever device is convenient. Mark43 Booking is supported across iPhone, Android, tablets, and desktop. 

Feature 2 (1)

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