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Property & Evidence

Mark43 creates a seamless, accurate, and efficient experience for both officers collecting evidence on scene and evidence clerks performing inventory audits.

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Streamlined Workflows P&E
Streamlined Workflows

Capture property information directly in an officer's report to be pulled into the Evidence Module. Ensure that business units using different Mark43 RMS modules have access to the most up-to-date and consistent information on evidence.

Direct Access to Digital Evidence
Direct Access to Digital Evidence

Attach relevant digital evidence directly from the case or officer report to the item profile itself. Have all the information you need where you want it.

Evidence Mobile Application
Evidence Mobile Application

Leverage the Evidence Mobile Application to enable evidence clerks to work more quickly and effectively. Scan barcodes, confirm the correct location of items, and capture signatures and IDs of items being checked in and out.

Highly Configurable
Highly Configurable

Configure retention policy periods, determine approval workflows for key evidence updates, and formulate labels to reflect information that matters most.

Comprehensive Item Profiles

Comprehensive Item Profiles

Rely on one source of truth that aggregates all information related to an evidence item

  • View an automatically updated Chain of Custody that tracks where the item is, who moved it, and when

  • See all reports and locations that involve a given item

  • Add any remarks or attach additional files pertinent to the evidence

  • Leverage the detailed item history that logs any updates that are made to an item

Automated disposition workflows

Let the solution notify users and automatically trigger disposal processes without having to manually track deadlines

  • Configure retention timelines for when disposal should begin based on offenses related to the evidence item or reason for police custody

  • Decide which users or roles can review and approve disposition

  • Rely on notifications sent to all relevant parties for any key actions they need to take

Automated Disposition Workflows


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