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Configurable, Customizable, COTS: Finding the Right Software for Your Agency

If you’re shopping around for new software, you’ve most likely heard certain applications or features described as “configurable,” “customizable,” and “commercial off-the-shelf.” These terms are thrown around a lot but aren’t interchangeable, so it’s important to understand what method works best for your agency before you start any procurement process. When comparing different approaches to…

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Public Safety Communication is Ready for the Next Generation

In 1968, the first 911 call was placed in Haleyville, Alabama. Establishing a single, unified number to route calls for any type of emergency was a policy breakthrough — but it took a mix of government agencies, industry associations, and technology companies to get it off the ground and gain nationwide adoption. Over the years,…

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Preparing For The Call

While the shifts of our first responders run round-the-clock, live 24/7 support is notably absent from the offerings of many Records Management System (RMS) or Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers. Even more surprising, if there is any live technical support, it may only be available during weekdays and limited hours. As a public safety software…

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