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Acknowledging The Toll That Suicide Takes On Law Enforcement

A purple and turquoise ribbon on a white background. The ribbon is framed by blue lines, and there is a small Mark43 logo (blue outline of a triangular shield next to the words Mark43 in black) in the bottom right corner.

September 26 is National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day. Mark43 joins our public safety partners to acknowledge the toll that suicide takes on law enforcement. Suicide is a silent killer, but a devastating one. In 2019, law enforcement officers had a 475 percent greater chance of dying by suicide than by gunfire from another person1.…

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According to Programmers, This is How Mark43 Delivers the Best Technology Experience Possible

A caucasion individual with black hair sits at a white desk, writing code on a desktop monitor with a laptop sitting on the right of the monitor.

There are 10 types of people in the world – those who understand binary and those who don’t. If you laughed at that joke, you might be a programmer. Today we’re celebrating all of the programmers out there, especially those who make public safety technology more secure, reliable, and user-friendly. I recently sat down with…

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