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According to Programmers, This is How Mark43 Delivers the Best Technology Experience Possible

Kristen Goode  | 13 September 2021  |  3 minute read

A caucasion individual with black hair sits at a white desk, writing code on a desktop monitor with a laptop sitting on the right of the monitor.

There are 10 types of people in the world – those who understand binary and those who don’t.

If you laughed at that joke, you might be a programmer. Today we’re celebrating all of the programmers out there, especially those who make public safety technology more secure, reliable, and user-friendly.

I recently sat down with members of our development team here at Mark43 and asked them one question: “What does your team do to make sure Mark43 customers get the best software experience possible?”

They told me dozens of ways programmers at Mark43 ensure our customers get the best software experience possible. These stood out:

Customer Collaboration

“We’re encouraged to participate in customer site visits and ride-alongs so we can see our customers in action. We leverage this one-on-one time with end-users to learn more about their day-to-day duties, and the resulting insights are incredible.” Anand Safi, Engineering Manager, Mark43 CAD

“We take customer concerns very seriously, and because we strive to be a partner, not just a vendor, we do everything we can to address their concerns. For example, some customers express concerns that implementing a new system may mean losing access to old data, so we work very hard to migrate critical legacy data accurately and completely. Our team works closely with the customer so they feel comfortable using their legacy data in the system alongside new data, processes, and workflows.” Jessica Stultz, Data Migration Engineer, Technical Services

Strategically Plan Product Updates

“It’s tempting to build a new feature that is pretty, but we strategically plan and build features that meet the needs of our customers. New and shiny features may be fun to look at, but during development we work closely with product managers, customer success, quality and design engineers, and our customers to make sure the features and upgrades we’re creating meet the needs of the agencies we serve.” Ari Golub, Senior Software Engineer, Mark43 RMS

“We never work in isolation. We’re constantly getting feedback from our peers, and that feedback makes our products stronger.” Bryan Ovalle, Software Engineer, Mark43 Analytics

Stay Up-To-Date on the Latest Tech

“We stay on top of the latest, cutting-edge technologies to ensure we’re building our software with the best tools available to meet our customers’ needs. It’s one of the reasons why we leverage the cloud — to ensure all of our customers get continuous software updates.” Navin Seth, Software Engineer, Mark43 RMS

“Technology is rapidly changing. I know that phrase is overused, but it’s more true today than ever before. We use a variety of sources to make sure we’re in the know when it comes to the latest in programming, cybersecurity, networking, critical infrastructure, and more.” Steven Kline, Engineering Manager, Mark43 Analytics

Testing, Testing, Testing

“We test our software extensively before it goes out. We have thousands of tests that run on every piece of code we write. We also have a team of quality assurance experts who analyze all of our work before it goes to customers.” Chantal Montgomery, Software Engineer, Mark43 RMS

“When customers have problems or concerns, they can use our revamped triage and ticket logging process. Internally, we hold daily cross-discipline triage meetings, review built-in error reporting from our applications, and actively anticipate potential issues through observability, performance, and stability metrics.” Eric Ceres, Staff Engineer, Mark43 CAD

In Summary…

“Through everything we do, we prioritize the stability and performance of our system and responding to high priority customer concerns.” Kat Brydges, Director of Engineering, Mark43 CAD

How can Mark43 benefit you?

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