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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Anne Kochanski  | 18 May 2020  |  2 minute read


When the seriousness of COVID-19 became evident, and life as we knew it changed overnight, the Mark43 team did not miss a beat in setting up shop in all of our individual homes across the U.S. and Canada. But there were pressing matters that needed immediate solutions. Namely, how would we train and prepare our new agencies for go-live during a time of lockdown? How would we teach you what you need to know without being able to travel to where you are?

To that end, the Documentation, Customer Success, and Implementation teams came together to create the Mark43 Training Portal, an online learning center that presents our Help Center knowledge base in an instructional, easy-to-digest format.


How does it work?

The Training Portal offers courses according to specific department roles. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate course, you’ll find a carefully curated lesson plan that blends a series of reading materials, videos, and practice scenarios – everything you’ll need to know to successfully use Mark43 RMS in your role’s capacity.


One of the lessons in the Mark43 Help Center

This pandemic is revealing the heroes among us – the essential workers who don’t have the luxury, or the safety, of working from home. The people without whom life would descend into chaos or worse. The agencies we serve are full of such people and we at Mark43 are tasked with supporting them however and wherever possible – whether it’s from our headquarters in NYC or our living room sofas. So that is what you can count on us to do.

We all hope to be back in the same space together soon. We would rather be there with you as you learn how to use Mark43 RMS. In the meantime, we hope this invention of ours will provide the support you need until we see you on the other side.

The Training Portal will be available for beta testing this summer. Contact your Mark43 Representative for more details.

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