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Ep 29: Women in Firefighting: The Frametown Story w/ Scotty Dunlap

It’s no secret that in most of the country, firefighting is a largely male-dominated occupation. In fact, nationally women compromise only 11% of the volunteer fire service. But not so in Frametown, West Virginia. In fact, in Frametown, the volunteer fire service is nearly 60% composed of females.  This caught the attention of our guest…

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Ep 28: A Transformational Policing Model Based on Community & Education w/ Dr. Tommy Tunson

Imagine that you were stopped as a robbery suspect by the police as a teenager. They beat you up, called you the N-word, and took you to jail without booking you. How likely are you to commit your life to law enforcement? I was recently joined on Pinpoint by Dr. Tommy Tunson, Director of Public…

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