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Ep 24: Measuring Implicit Bias with Virtual Reality w/ Dr. Rashawn Ray

1 in 5 officers report chronic stress. 1 in 6 officers report alcohol abuse. Yet 90% of officers don’t seek help for mental health. On a recent episode of Pinpoint, I interviewed Dr. Rashawn Ray, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park and David M. Rubenstein Fellow at the Brookings Institute.…

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Ep 23: Police Violence and Accountability w/ Seth Stoughton

Police leadership may view a legal use of force as upholding policy and the role of policing. Community members may consider it to be disproportionate. With 18,000 agencies in the United States, there can be starkly diverse perspectives about the same instance of a use of force. I had the chance to interview Seth Stoughton,…

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Planning for Change in Public Safety – Part 1

This article is one of a 5 part series on Planning for Change in Public Safety. To read the introduction, please see Planning for Change in Public Series – Intro. Step One:  Build A Core Team Early in my experience implementing technical projects for the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police, a Deputy Chief with more…

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