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How the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Decreased Report Writing Time by 80%

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The Challenge The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) employs over 3,700 sworn officers and coordinates activities with 40+ other law enforcement agencies in the nation’s capital. When Chief Cathy Lanier assumed leadership of MPD in 2007, police reports were still written by hand. Chief Lanier quickly made strides to transform MPD into a technology-savvy…

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How The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Trained on Mark43 RMS in 13 Days

The Challenge The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) serves the third-most populous county in Oregon with approximately 500 sworn and civilian staff. In 2018, the department began to outgrow its homegrown records management system (RMS) as the county urbanized and crime began to increase. CCSO migrated to Versaterm’s RMS which quickly proved to be a…

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How the Richmond Police Quickly Accesses Data with Mark43 RMS

The Challenge When the 188 sworn officers of the Richmond Police Department take to the streets every day, they’re making the city a safer place to live, by preventing crime and catching criminals. But for several years, technology stood in the way of the department’s mission to protect the city’s 102,000 citizens. Specifically, the department’s…

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