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How the Richmond Police Quickly Accesses Data with Mark43 RMS

11 December 2018  |  2 minute read


The Challenge

When the 188 sworn officers of the Richmond Police Department take to the streets every day, they’re making the city a safer place to live, by preventing crime and catching criminals. But for several years, technology stood in the way of the department’s mission to protect the city’s 102,000 citizens. Specifically, the department’s aging records management system (RMS) made it difficult for officers to manage daily crime reports.

“We document everything from a found wallet on the street to multiple homicides involving multiple suspects and victims. Unfortunately, we had a server-based solution that was not user-friendly at all, and our reporting was very time-consuming.”

– Lieutenant Timothy Gard of the Richmond Police Department.

The Solution

The Richmond Police Department chose Mark43 for its ease of use, its dedicated team of implementation specialists, and the peace of mind that comes with using an RMS powered by AWS GovCloud. With Mark43 RMS, Richmond Police Department employees can easily input, integrate, and access all details related to a crime or a case. The multi-tenant platform allows  the department users to see the same data, in real-time, from remote locations and on every type of device.

“With Mark43 RMS, we found the best solution for transitioning from a server-based system to a cloud-based system. We are seeing a significant time and cost savings from its implementation.”

Sergeant, Richmond Police Department

The Results

The Richmond Police Department is seeing a significant time and cost savings since implementing Mark43 RMS. The sworn officers of the Richmond Police Department can complete reports faster than ever before and rapidly access data from remote locations and devices. With a cloud-based RMS, resources previously spent updating department servers can be allocated to other pressing IT initiatives. By implementing Mark43 RMS, the Richmond Police Department has been able to save time and money on report management and spend more time to increasing the quality of life of Richmond citizens.

Following the successful implementation of Mark43 RMS, the Richmond Police Department also deployed Mark43 CAD to its multi-agency emergency communications center, which averages 12,000 calls for service each month.

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