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How The Cumbria Police Force Uses Mark43 Technology To Keep the Community Safe

10 May 2022  |  3 minute read

cumbria police department badge

The Challenge

The Cumbria Constabulary is a police agency in England of 1,285 police officers and about 680 civilian staff serving a population of about 500,000 across an area of 2,634 square miles. The Constabulary works to deliver outstanding police service to keep Cumbria safe by tackling criminality, including homicide and serious violence, as well as neighborhood crime, and to improve satisfaction for victims of crime.  

Specifically, as called out in the Cumbria Police And Crime Plan: 2021-2025,  seven priorities were identified: 

  1. A focus on crime and the causes of crime
  2. A visible and effective police presence 
  3. A focus on victims 
  4. Preventing offending and reducing reoffending
  5. Be the voice of the public on policing matters 
  6. Ensuring the police are at the forefront of the response
  7. Integrating blue light service 

To accomplish this, they needed to modernize their technology. Specifically, reducing data entry time, creating process efficiency for users, and improving officer and civilian safety through real-time data collection and information sharing.

In order to maximize the time spent by Cumbria officers addressing crime and interacting with the community,  the officers and staff needed a platform that can be used in everyday policing, including on the frontline, as officers aim to solve and deter crime and keep people safe.

The Solution

Cumbria Constabulary chose Mark43’s innovative data platform. In doing so, they joined more than 135 agencies throughout the U.S. and Australia, including police agencies in New South Wales, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, San Antonio and Atlanta.

Cumbria Police Headquarters, Carleton Hall, Penrith : 9 May 2022 STUART WALKER/MARK43 Copyright Stuart Walker Photography 2022

Staff from Mark43 spent much of a year with the Cumbria Constabulary force to find out how they work and to develop a system that would best serve the aims of solving and deterring crime and keeping people safe. They went out with response officers, attended briefings and visited police stations and sites. There were also dozens of meetings to determine what works best and what will be best for the future of policing. Mark43 has a proven track record of success as a cutting edge technology provider, and Cumbria is committed to the highest caliber technology solutions. The result is a partnership that builds on Cumbria’s previous commitments to using technology that will enhance community safety, by merging Mark43’s cutting edge technology with a police force that prioritizes technology that helps residents.

The Mark43 platform will be an effective force multiplier for Cumbria, as it will reduce time officers spend doing deskwork and on computers – meaning officers can spend more time out in the community, tackling crime, responding to the public and building relationships with community members. Increased officer visibility will be a direct benefit to residents.

(left to right) Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria Peter McCall, Matt Neal, senior director from Mark43, Chief Constable Michelle Skeer, Assistant Chief Constable Jonathan Blackwell and Co-Founder of Mark43 Matt Polega : 9 May 2022 STUART WALKER/MARK43 Copyright Stuart Walker Photography 2022

“Our investment in new technology has one key aim – making sure we provide the best possible policing service to the people of Cumbria and those who work and visit our county.”

Chief, Constable Michelle Skeer

The Results

Upon full implementation of the Mark43 platform, the Cumbria Constabulary hopes to see officers spending more time in the field and improved communication between officers and the community they serve. This software will be integrated across platforms to streamline, reduce duplication, enhance efficiency and give officers more time to do their jobs

With less paperwork and more data on hand, officers are able to more effectively address crime and other concerns that are a priority of the community they serve.

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