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How The Placentia Police Department Uses Mark43 to Empower Dispatchers and Officers with Data

06 May 2019  |  2 minute read


The Challenge

Placentia Police Department (PPD) works hard to enrich the quality of life of Placentia citizens by preventing organized crime and transient theft. However, a paper-heavy records management system (RMS) and aging computer aided dispatch (CAD) technology made it difficult for officers to proactively protect and serve the city’s 50,000 citizens. Fundamental reporting tasks, such as filing a police report, became a tenuous process that involved repetitive paperwork and several software systems to complete. There were over half a dozen systems that officers had to log into to do their jobs. Each step of a report was segmented in one of those systems. We needed a way to consolidate our technology to reduce the effort on the part of the officer,” said Sergeant Radomski. As a result, the agency under-reported crime which adversely affected funding for new staff, equipment, and other resources.

The Solution

With Mark43, PPD officers are able to consolidate 911 events, police reporting, investigative cases, and evidence into one centralized system. PPD employees can easily input and access all details related to a case from remote locations and on every type of device. During active events, this data is then leveraged by Mark43 CAD to ensure that first responders are safe and informed when dispatched. The platform’s AVL mapping technology also helps to keep dispatchers, units, and management aware of where resources are being deployed in the city, in real-time.

“With Mark43, we have one centralized system that helps give our officers better situational awareness and real-time data that keeps them more informed when dispatched.”

Sergeant, Placentia Police Department

The Results

Since implementing Mark43 RMS and CAD, the Placentia Police Department is seeing units spending more time in the field and improved communication between officers and dispatch. With less paperwork and more data on hand, officers are able to respond to 911 calls out in the field, reducing pending calls and response times. By implementing Mark43, PPD dispatchers and units are more in tune with each other and connected to the community that they serve.

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