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4 Tips to Train your Agency on New Public Safety Technology

Today’s law enforcement agencies have a greater need for quality data than ever before. This makes the systems that collect data—like a CAD, RMS, or JMS—incredibly significant for any downstream processes, like crime analysis. But data management software is only as reliable as the end-users that input information. Transitioning to a new software system or…

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Preparing For The Call

While the shifts of our first responders run round-the-clock, live 24/7 support is notably absent from the offerings of many Records Management System (RMS) or Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers. Even more surprising, if there is any live technical support, it may only be available during weekdays and limited hours. As a public safety software…

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SaaS at your Service

Everyone has been there. You login to find that reports are missing or you go to submit a report under a deadline and the Records Management System won’t allow the submission. What now? Depending on the severity of the issue, you have few options. You find a way past the problem on your own (we…

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