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SaaS at your Service

Greer Davis  | 22 March 2017  |  3 minute read


Everyone has been there. You login to find that reports are missing or you go to submit a report under a deadline and the Records Management System won’t allow the submission. What now?

Depending on the severity of the issue, you have few options.

  1. You find a way past the problem on your own (we call this a workaround in the software industry).
  2. You can’t move forward, but you need to – you have to contact tech support.

Contacting support can be a dreaded event, conjuring images of hours spent on hold only to be told your problem can’t be solved. It’s hard to imagine how tech support could have become so bad. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Your agency already spent a one-time fee on the software, thus the software company already has what they want.
  • The support team hasn’t been enabled by the company (through training, for example) to serve as product experts, or to understand your field well enough to help out.
  • The support team doesn’t communicate recurring issues with the product and engineering teams, so your issue languishes in limbo – maybe it gets resolved, maybe it doesn’t. Even if the company builds your feature or fixes a bug, updates may not happen frequently – sometimes as little as 1-2 times per year.

SaaS Support from Mark43

Since Mark43 is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, we implement our software through the Internet. While we don’t have to be in your department to fix a problem for you, our support team still includes a lot of hands-on services you wouldn’t expect from a typical enterprise software provider.

Most enterprise software companies provide support as an afterthought – an add-on tacked on to a product that isn’t updated often. All of Mark43 support is free of charge and included in your subscription to our software.

Check out below what makes our support team unique.

Our support team is knowledgeable
Our support team members are charged with writing and maintaining all the technical documentation and training materials, so they are intimately familiar with how the product works, and most importantly, why. We also help the implementation team lead the training program for your department.

We’re working for your renewal
As a SaaS company, your agency is using our product on a subscription model. It is in our best interest to get you the right answer quickly! Our average time to a first response is under 30 minutes, and our average resolution time is about 5 hours. While most enterprise companies only promise a first response in 24-48 hours, we’ve already worked to solve your issue.

We communicate daily with our product team
We’re in constant contact with our product teams, providing user feedback and feature requests. This feedback contributes heavily to product planning. For example, we heard some great feedback from several records staff members, suggesting an improved way to filter report results to eliminate several steps of the record team’s job. While it was a tricky improvement to make, we’re pleased that feature is currently scheduled to be released next month!

We provide regular updates
We update our software every two weeks with minor enhancements and fixes. Once per quarter, we release at least one larger feature. All updates are included in the subscription pricing, with no additional cost or downtime.

The Mark43 support team serves not only as product experts to our users, but internally to our staff members as well. We pride ourselves on our deep product knowledge and the satisfaction of knowing we’re able to help members of the law enforcement community complete their jobs as easily and quickly as possible.

Bugs, errors, and other usability issues are all part of the software experience. What matters to you is how frequently they appear, how severe they are, and how quickly the company moves to resolve it. That’s what will set your tech support apart.

We’re proud to be a SaaS company working to make the law enforcement software experience less of a headache. Wondering how the SaaS model can benefit your department? Shoot us an email at

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