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Delivering solutions to move public safety forward 

David Bratton  | 15 September 2023  |  2 minute read


Mark43 is working in lockstep with nationally renowned non-profit IJIS to develop solutions that support the entire public safety ecosystem 

Mark43 is committed to delivering the strongest cloud-native Public Safety Platform to our customers across law enforcement. It’s also a priority to support the entire public safety ecosystem, and Mark43 is doing this by joining forces with the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS), a non-profit organization that brings together a nationwide community of practitioners and technology experts to support the public sector by contributing policy, operational, technical, training and more.  

Recently, Mark43 Chief Information Security Officer Larry Zorio was appointed Chair of the IJIS Cyber Security Working Group. In addition, several other Mark43 leaders have now been appointed to key roles in IJIS Committees and Working Groups to address a range of challenges facing the public sector and develop best practices to move the entire public safety industry forward.  

Each of these Mark43 leaders, listed below, are supporting cutting edge research, developing white papers and providing counsel with the goal of strengthening the technology infrastructure for the public sector. 

Below is an overview of the committees that Mark43 leaders have been appointed to: 

IJIS Cyber Security Working Group 

A group of subject matter experts tasked with identifying and reviewing the tools, processes, techniques, and practices that can yield immediate benefits for the IJIS domains of focus including homeland security, criminal and civil justice, and public safety. Additionally, the Working Group is dedicated to developing standards, best practice guides, and recommendations to help increase defenses against the growing cyber threats to communities nationwide. 

Chair: Larry Zorio, Mark43 Chief Information Security Officer 

Publications: Cyber Hygiene White Paper  

Technology and Architecture Advisory Committee (ITAC) 

The Technology and Architecture Committee (ITAC) provides information to industry and practitioners regarding technologies, architectures, and standards that enable the successful adoption of the technology and sharing or enterprise use of information. The committee’s work with the technologies and standards is intended to help the government and industry drive innovation, increase success, and reduce risk, contributing to sophisticated and powerful technology tools today and in the future.  

Members: Florian Mayer, Mark43 Co-Founder and Vice President, Product and Tech Strategy, and Larry Zorio, Mark43 Chief Information Security Officer   

CJIS Advisory Committee and CJIS Security Policy Working Group  

The CJIS Security Policy Working Group is a Working Group within the CJIS Advisory Committee that evaluates proposed CJIS initiatives, identifies opportunities for new or improved information-sharing standards, and develops white papers and other guidance.  

Member: Brian DaSilva, Mark43 Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance 

Publications:  Training and Awareness Companion Document 

Law Enforcement Advisory Committee 

The Law Enforcement Advisory Committee focuses on the advancement of information sharing, emerging technology, and relevant models within the law enforcement community.  

Member: Daniel Shoch Mark43 Director of Product, RMS 

Emergency Communications and Response Advisory Committee 

The Emergency Communications and Response Advisory Committee helps to improve the level of understanding of technology, standards and create awareness on the challenges impacting all areas and phases of Emergency Response and Communications.   

Member: Perri McPhee, Mark43 Director of Product, CAD 

Corrections Advisory Committee   

The Corrections Advisory Committee focuses on advancing information sharing standards in the institutional and community corrections environments. 

Member: James Friedman, Mark43 Director of Product – Booking 

Justice and Public Safety Advanced Analytics Committee   

The Advanced Analytics Committee identifies key issues related to emerging advanced analytics technologies and capabilities to advance operational effectiveness, safety, and knowledge, while considering both public and private industry initiatives.  

Members: David Schwindt, Mark43 Sr. Analyst, Data Analytics and Consuelo Valdes, Mark43 Director of Data Analytics 

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