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Advancing public safety data security standards

David Bratton  | 23 May 2023  |  2 minute read


Mark43 SOC 3 Report Now Available 

The Mark43 SOC 3 Report, a public facing document that verifies our internal security controls, is now available

The Mark43 SOC 3 Report is independent verification that Mark43 has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. It is a reflection of our commitment to maintaining the highest standard of integrity and safety in securing the  data that we are entrusted with.  

This report follows an ongoing security review provided by a third party auditor who verifies that our stated security protocols are in place and are being actively followed.   

SOC 2 and SOC 3 Compliance 

A SOC (System and Organizational Controls) report is a security-focused controls audit that verifies a company’s stated security protocols are actually in place and are being followed.

There are three types:  

  • A SOC 2 Type I audit is a single point-in-time audit. An auditor will arrive on a given day, and ask to see in-scope policies, procedures and controls. They will verify that these all exist and are being followed, but only at the time of the audit.
  • A SOC 2 Type II audit takes place over a period of time. A SOC 2 Type II audit means the auditor is actively engaged and is asking for examples throughout that period of time. (The SOC 2 report contains sensitive information and is typically only made available under a non-disclosure agreement.)  
  • A SOC 3 report verifies that the SOC 2 Type II audit has been performed but it does not reveal sensitive information. It is intended for a general audience and can often be accessed immediately upon request. 

Public safety agencies operate in a high risk environment, with constant threat of cyberattacks and penetration threats. As a result, security measures must be constantly evolving. The community expects their law enforcement agencies to continuously update their cybersecurity defenses — in turn, agencies need to trust that their technology vendors and partners take security seriously.  

Learn more about security compliance, including the key criteria agencies should use when evaluating potential vendors, by reading our white paper, “Making Data Security a Priority.” Read it now.

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