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September is National Preparedness Month 

David Bratton  | 11 September 2023  |  < 1 minute read

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September is National Preparedness Month, a time each year to highlight the importance of preparing for emergencies, critical incidents, and disasters that could occur regardless of location. It is a time when everyone should review any emergency plans that may be in place for both their family and community.  

It is also a reminder that when disaster strikes, first responders and public safety personnel keep working. So should their technology. Public safety agencies operate in complex, unpredictable environments and take on many challenges simultaneously. Over the next few years, agencies will weather even more complex challenges, including a rise in natural disasters, large-scale critical incidents, and network usage increases that can strain an agency’s data resources. According to a recent national survey conducted by Propeller Insights:  

  • 94% of Americans have dealt with a natural disaster during their lifetime 
  • 71% of Americans worry their local police departments could be overwhelmed in an emergency 

The consequences of a public safety CAD or RMS system going down can be catastrophic for telecommunicators, first responders, and community members. Evolving challenges and heightened expectations require public safety to take a proactive stance on limiting interruptions that could alter the way an agency  responds to potentially life-threatening situations.  

The Mark43 Public Safety Platform is cloud-native, meaning it is built, funded, and staffed to absorb these coming challenges, such as inclement weather, so that first responders can get back to the reason they got into public safety – to be out in the community, answering calls for service and helping people.   

Learn more about Mark43’s cloud-native CAD, the resilient solution that keeps public safety constantly connected.

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