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How the Cloud Can Improve Your Agency’s Cybersecurity Posture

An cybersecurity illustration. On the left, a man sits at his desk while working on a monitor and desktop computer. He is connected by a cord to a server. The cord has a cloud with a lock on it. On the right, a woman sits at her desk while working on a monitor and desktop computer. She is also connected by a cord to a server. The cord has a cloud with a lock on it.

It’s unfortunate that cyberattack perpetrators rarely face consequences and make millions of dollars every time someone pays ransom, which means cyberattacks will continue to increase in volume and strength. How can your agency mitigate the risk of cyberattacks? There are several ways to guard against cyberattacks, including installing antivirus software, investing in security awareness training,…

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Flipping the ‘Normal Business’ of Public Safety Tech on its Head

With most product development organizations, their normal software development process means that most of the core decisions on what to build and how it should add business value are decided before an engineer gets their hands on it. It might look something like this: While this process can make a lot of sense for a…

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Data Interoperability in the Cloud

PSAPs need to seamlessly share data across multiple applications and jurisdictions in real time, but connecting locally-hosted servers is often a resource-intensive burden subject to system downtime and security risks. Originally presented at the 2016 APCO Emerging Technology Forum in Seattle, this recorded Tech Talk will provide an overview of cloud technology: what it is, why…

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Taking Advantage of the AWS GovCloud

Mark43 Co-Founder and CEO Scott Crouch and Chief Technology Officer Stephen Okano discuss the benefits of cloud-based technology for law enforcement agencies, and address frequently heard concerns about cost, security, and compliance. Originally presented to a live audience at the Law Enforcement Records Management Conference, this on-demand webinar also contains an additional ten minutes of…

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The Complex Challenges Facing Our Engineering Team

It’s gone by so quickly, but it was two years ago that we started work with our first major metropolitan city to build a next-generation records management system (RMS) for law enforcement officers. At the time, we somewhat naively thought we could build, test, and deploy a new system, and then train 15,000 officers…all in…

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