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Three questions with a (former) cop: Winston Pingeon

David Bratton  | 28 February 2023  |  3 minute read


As a police officer with the United States Capitol Police, he protected the nation’s Capitol and members of Congress. In his new role, he helps federal law enforcement agencies use technology to serve and protect. Meet Winston Pingeon, a former cop now working at Mark43.

One in ten Mark43 employees are former law enforcement or public safety professionals. Collectively they bring more than 400 years of specialized experience to the company, and we put that experience to work every day for our customers. In this series you’ll meet some of these exceptional Mark43 employees.

After graduating from American University in Washington, D.C in 2016, Winston joined the United States Capitol Police. As an officer, he was responsible for protecting the U.S. Congress, including the members, employees, visitors, and facilities. His duties included patrolling the capitol, manning security checkpoints, and engaging with elected officials, the public, and protestors. His assignments included the Special Operations Division where he patrolled the Capitol complex and the Ceremonial Unit (Honor Guard) where he provided honors during special events like presidential inaugurations and state funerals. He retired in 2021. Winston was recently profiled in the Boston Globe (registration required.)  

Can you tell us about your role at Mark43?

I am a Sales Development Representative on the federal team at Mark43. I research and identify opportunities for Mark43 to find new customers and partners in the Federal law enforcement space. Our goal is to best assist our federal customers and prospective customers with technology that makes their jobs easier and safer.

Why Mark43? 

I was drawn to Mark43 for their innovative approach to using technology to serve law enforcement and their communities. When it came time to make a career change from law enforcement to the private sector, I knew I didn’t want to work at just any company. I wanted one that aligned with my own goals, where I still would be able to make a difference and help others. One day after I had arrested a particularly violent individual, I noticed the “Mark43” logo as I logged in to write my arrest report. I looked into the company, and just a few weeks later traded in my gun and badge to join the Mark43 team.

What do you bring from your previous career to your work at Mark43?

My experience as an officer with the United States Capitol Police had a profound impact on me, and I’m thankful it set me up for success at Mark43. Beyond simply being able to share my own user experience of the Mark43 product, I bring an understanding of our customers and prospects, as well as of the importance of teamwork and a mission-driven focus.   


“Police officers are problem solvers, and that training and ability to identify problems, figure out how to solve them, and execute on a solution is also very relevant and helpful for my day to day at Mark43.” 

As a police officer, being able to talk to people was crucial to doing my job safely and effectively, and it is also crucial to my success at Mark43. During my time with the U.S. Capitol Police, I was in a unique situation where I could interact with a member of Congress, a tourist visiting the Capitol, and a suspect of a violent crime all in a single shift. Police officers are problem solvers, and that training and ability to identify problems, figure out how to solve them, and execute on a solution is also very relevant and helpful for my day to day at Mark43.  

Mark43 works in partnership with more than 120 public safety agencies across the globe, providing them with new technologies that enable officers to spend more time in the field with the community.

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