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Make Your Mark — Mark43’s New Employee Volunteer Program

Spring-Eve  | 29 April 2022  |  4 minute read


As part of our commitment to empowering communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all, many of our employees volunteer and support non-profit organizations working towards a similar goal. Today, in honor of Global Volunteer Month, Community Partnerships Manager Spring-Eve See shares what our new employee volunteer program has accomplished in its first month.

A hundred beads, one clasp, one keyring, plastic laces, and an instruction sheet. I gathered these items together and placed them in a bag. I chatted with coworkers about the Rosie Riveters binary code kits we were making. We swapped funny pet stories, shared our summer travel plans, and wished we had the confidence of our coworker’s daughter and her all-by-myself attitude.

During April, Mark43 employees spent time assembling binary code kits for local school-aged children. We’re committed to empowering communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all. Our commitment doesn’t stop at building great products, which is why we’re excited to launch our new, mission-driven employee volunteer program: Mark43 | Make Your Mark!

Mark43 | Make Your Mark is a company-wide campaign that encompasses team volunteer opportunities, guidance for self-selecting a volunteer organization, and our new volunteer time off benefit. Now all global employees of Mark43 can utilize up to 24 hours annually to engage in volunteerism efforts supporting our strategic focus areas:

  • Build and bridge relationships between public safety professionals and the communities they serve.
  • Disrupt the public safety and technology sectors by investing in equity and access to meaningful careers for all. 
  • Lift up communities and customers in their moments of need by supporting public safety crisis response and disaster relief. 

What our team says

Employees across Mark43 are embracing the program.

“Volunteer programs within companies are a strong way to ‘walk the walk’. So many companies promote a community-focused mindset with few actually having boots on the ground initiatives and opportunities in place. I’m excited to see Mark43 start the program which will allow us to support communities globally!” — Cynthia Reyes, Customer Success Lead

“I’ve had to turn down a lot of weekday volunteer opportunities. I’m grateful this program is in place so I can take advantage of those opportunities in the future.” — Jessica Stultz, Data Migration Engineer

The dedication our employees have for their communities is powering the success of the program, according to Ganesha Martin, one of the executives driving the new initiative.

“When I joined Mark43, it was clear how invested our employees were in our mission to empower communities. Our employees have demonstrated a passion for supporting communities, and I’m energized by the many ways we show up for the communities we live and work in and the communities our customers serve each day. Our new employee volunteer program, Make Your Mark, is the next chapter in being able to serve others in a dynamic and supportive way.” — Ganesha Martin, Vice President of Community Affairs and Public Policy

Team volunteer opportunities with Rosie Riveters

We wanted to partner with organizations that inspire technology leaders of tomorrow. We teamed up with Rosie Riveters, a non-profit organization working to engage and inspire girls from diverse backgrounds in STEM, for our inaugural team volunteering events.

Rosie Riveters’ goal is to close the gender gap in STEM. Their innovative curriculum works toward achieving gender equity in STEM by engaging preschool to middle school girls in programs that build participants’ critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and overall confidence in STEM via productive struggle.

The organization has served more than 6,000 participants and is achieving overwhelmingly positive results. Roughly 96 percent of participants enjoyed their projects, and 71 percent were inspired to learn more about STEM.

On April 22nd and 28th, 35 Mark43 staff members gathered to assemble 300 Rosie Riveters Binary Code Kits. Coding can be fun and interactive for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade with these kits that translate their name into a binary bracelet or keychain. With these kits, kids learn about binary, the 2-bit systems that form the basis of computing. These kits are being distributed to local community partners like the Washington, D.C., Police Foundation for distribution to local Junior Cadet programs.

Our team loved creating the kits and the environment Rosie Riveter brought to our office.

“Engaging young women in exciting STEM activities is a powerful initiative. Working with Rosie Riveters was a really fun experience and impactful volunteer activity. Their rep gave a great introduction so that we understood the impact of this program and how we were contributing. The best part of the day was spending time with colleagues and seeing how well we all work together and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a great team of people to volunteer alongside.” — Perrin Scanlon, Lead Project Manager

“As a former police officer, I find it important to continue serving my community. In D.C., we supported the MPD young cadet program by packing activity kits to promote STEM learning, and it was great to spend time with Mark43 colleagues in a fun environment — all while doing good! I’m thankful Mark43 is part of this valuable opportunity.” — Winston Pingeon, Sales Development Representative

Volunteer with us

We are excited to see how else our team engages in supporting their communities! In May, our team members already have plans to support National Police Week and professional development opportunities with YearUp. If you are interested in being a volunteer partner, please contact!

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