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3 best practices for becoming CIBRS certified

Lori Cox, RMS Compliance Product Manager  | 25 January 2023  |  3 minute read


In 2019, the California DOJ was awarded funding to implement a state-level NIBRS data repository to submit crime data to the FBI. The state received certification in March 2022 and since then, many agencies across California have been striving to achieve state-level certification.

Compliance is more than keeping the government happy. Communities and stakeholders expect agencies to maintain compliance through proper documentation. At Mark43, we’re thrilled to announce that more than 30 California agencies were, and still are, at the top of the list to receive their certification. Mark43 certified agencies include, but not limited to, California Parks and Recreation, Dixon Police Department, Montclair Police Department, Placentia Police Department, Tracy Police Department, and West Covina Police Department. This has been no easy feat and we are extremely proud of our customers for achieving such a great milestone.

Compliance is one of the most important things we do at Mark43, so we figured it’s time to share our three best practices to consider when striving to receive, and maintain, CIBRS certification:

  1. Adopt technology that enables your teams to report with little-to-no disruption in day-to-day workflows
  2. Engage with the experts
  3. Stay committed to embracing the evolving compliance landscape

Adopt technology that enables your teams to report with little-to-no disruption in day-to-day workflows

Modern technology is key to agency success. Intuitive user interfaces make it easy for personnel to accurately document and submit reports, all while adhering to state-specific incident-based reporting guidelines. Agencies need to look into what configurable interfaces are available in their Record Management System (RMS) so that they can explore ways to streamline workflows.

Engage with the experts

If we had to guess, your teams are already doing too much. Your RMS should make CIBRS reporting easier, not more complicated. Your RMS vendor should support your training efforts and ensure your personnel have the resources they need to succeed with compliance.

Mark43 provides agencies with dedicated NIBRS support around implementation, delivery, product management, design, and customer support. Our team has extensive NIBRS experience and knowledge to ensure our customers are receiving the best support in the industry.

Stay committed to embracing the evolving compliance landscape

The FBI and CA DOJ are consistently revising and updating compliance requirements to continuously improve reporting. By partnering with an engaged and dedicated RMS vendor, you minimize the burden of keeping track of updates, adjusting your fields, and hoping for the best. Mark43 eliminates downtime by proactively working directly with various state and federal agencies to make necessary updates across the entire Mark43 Platform, helping you to stay in compliance.


Mark43 is committed to providing resources and tools that allow law enforcement agencies to meet federal, state, and local reporting compliance requirements. We support public safety compliance through intuitive data collection, effective rule validation, reliable data exportation, and accurate incident submission workflows throughout the incident’s investigative lifespan.

To learn more about our compliance support in California, watch our webinar: Mark43 x California: Increasing Efficiencies and Transforming Public Safety.

For more information about our overall NIBRS support across the U.S., fill out the form at the top of this page to connect with one of our NIBRS specialists.

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