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Putting Your PSAP in the Cloud

Soyeon Yu  | 07 June 2017  |  < 1 minute read


We’ve all heard the horror stories of lost data and downtime because of ransomware, natural disasters, or even someone simply flipping the wrong switch. While public sector agencies haven’t jumped on cloud technology as quickly as private sector giants like Netflix and Facebook have, the benefits of ditching the servers in your basement are being realized now more than ever.

Public Safety Answering Points (or PSAPs) are among the early adopters of cloud technology in the public sector. The state of Kansas, for example, moved E911 operations to the cloud because frequent tornadoes put on-premise servers at high risk. However, with few informational trainings or resources for agencies to follow, the path for cloud-based software implementation in public safety environments is still murky.

As an Implementations Manager at Mark43, my team and I have managed policy and workflow transfers for agencies: from old systems to new, and from on-premise servers to the cloud. Download an on-demand webinar recording of my recent presentation at the APCO Emerging Technology Forum to hear a step-by-step cloud implementation plan for single and multi-agency environments. You’ll also learn some best practices based on Mark43’s work with dispatchers, first responders, and IT managers.

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