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10 Security Questions to Ask Your Tech Vendors 

Yuri Byun  | 22 May 2023  |  < 1 minute read


10 Security Questions to Ask Your Tech Vendors 

  1. Does the Vendor have a recent SOC2 & SOC3 Report (Annual) they can share w/ you? 
  1. Does the Vendor have any of the following certifications: FedRAMP, StateRAMP, ISO, CSA? 
  1. Does the Vendor follow a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)? 
  1. What is the Vendor’s Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)? 
  1. What does the Vendor’s Incident Response Program entail? 
  1. Can the Vendor explain their Vulnerability Testing processes? 
  1. What Penetration Testing does the Vendor do? 
  1. How does the Vendor leverage Multi-Factor Authentication? 
  1. Does the Vendor offer Single Sign-On functionality for customers? 
  1. Can the Vendor provide background checks that map to CJIS requirements? 

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