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Securing your public safety agency from catastrophic malware attacks 

Larry Zorio, Chief Information Security Officer  | 04 April 2023  |  3 minute read

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How Mark43’s resilient and reliable public safety platform keeps public safety agencies up and running  

In March of 2023, the White House released its National Cybersecurity Strategy, requiring a “more intentional, more coordinated, and more well-resourced approach to cyber defense.” The availability and investment in critical infrastructure is not a “nice-to-have” – it can be all the difference between life-saving responses reaching those in need, or not.

Mark43, the leading mission-critical public safety software company, is a proven partner in this effort. As cyberattacks against the public sector increase, the public expects their public safety agencies to have the strongest cyber security controls. Mark43’s resilient technology platform provides an added layer of security controls that enable public safety agencies to safeguard their mission-critical data against malware, ransomware or other cyber threats. By driving investment in critical products and services that are secure and resilient-by-design on the front end, emergency response agencies can rest assured that in times of crises, they will continue to be able to deliver for those they are sworn to serve.  

Why Mark43 is the solution 

It seems as though municipalities’ on-premises software is the victim of cyber attacks weekly, if not daily. Mark43 finds that, time and time again, cloud-native software holds up to the threats of cyber crime far better than on-premises software.

Mark43 is the best-in-class platform that protects your mission-critical CAD and RMS infrastructure. Since the Mark43 public safety technology platform is cloud-native and hosted on AWS, it provides superior data security controls that law enforcement agencies need. 

Mark43 recently achieved both a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High “In Process” designation and a State Risk and Authorization Management Program (StateRAMP) “In Process” designation, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the highest levels of security controls. This designation verifies Mark43’s prioritization of security and industry-leading standards of compliance.

Mark43 is an extension of your IT and Security functions. Allowing agencies to take a layered approach towards protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical infrastructures. There are three main reasons to partner with Mark43: 

1. Vulnerability Detection Testing

Attackers use holes (vulnerabilities) in your network and on-premises software to plant ransomware and gain access to your data. It’s important to proactively identify these holes and fix them quickly. This bolsters critical infrastructure so agencies can withstand an attack.

  • Mark43 builds its products with a secure-by-design approach, ensuring that vulnerabilities are not introduced from the beginning. 
  • Occasionally, a vulnerability in a well-known library or open source tool is identified by the tech community. Mark43 continuously monitors our products to proactively detect and fix these in real-time.  
  • Sometimes a second opinion is a good thing. Mark43 works regularly with third parties (penetration testers) to test our products for additional bugs and vulnerabilities.

2. Malware Protection & Monitoring

  • Mark43 and its cloud partner, AWS, add layers of malware protection to Mark43’s infrastructure and products. Instead of an agency only relying on their own internal protections, they can now take advantage of three layers of security.
  • 24×7 monitoring of your critical infrastructure means you are covered around the clock. Many agencies don’t have the luxury of being able to monitor their critical infrastructure for threats, Mark43 does this for our customers.
  • Ability to sync with your own monitoring means the best of both worlds. Mark43 has the ability to push its own logs to your agency’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool. 

3.  Resiliency (Backup and Recovery)   

The last defense for ransomware is reliable, available, backups of your systems and data. This is typically a control that agencies struggle to operationalize, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Mark43 backs up your environment every five minutes and tests are run to ensure backups can be recovered. Operationally and financially this would be difficult to do with an on-premises system.
  • Mark43 can recreate a customer environment within hours — not weeks or months like the rest of the industry.
  • All backups are protected with industry-grade encryption. This added layer of protection makes your data unreadable to those who haven’t been approved for access. 

The public safety community is expected to provide the highest level of integrity in every aspect of their work. Cloud-native services enable better and more economical cybersecurity practices at scale and are essential to operational resilience. Mark43 is that resilient and reliable partner that helps ensure data security, enabling public safety agencies to cultivate public trust. 

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