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Attract and Retain Top Talent with Mark43  

Public safety is facing a perennial staffing shortage. The 2022 PERF survey indicated that agencies experienced 50% more resignations in 2022 than in 2019 signaling that hiring cannot keep up with the rate of resignations. 

It’s time to adopt modern technology that not only attracts the next generation of public safety workers, but also serves as a force multiplier allowing you to do more with fewer resources.  Mark43 provides public safety with the tools your staff and communities expect, including: 

  • Mobile technology that works where you do 
  • Enhanced situational awareness to improve officer and citizen safety 
  • Modern user interface designs for intuitive workflows 

Ready to equip your department for success? Sign up for a demo to experience firsthand how our solutions can help you recruit and foster a tech-savvy workforce , not harder to do more with less. 

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