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Ep 15: Go Ahead and @ Your Police Department: Establishing a Twitter Presence For Your Precinct.

Kristen Goode  | 06 June 2019  |  < 1 minute read


Twitter is a waste of time, right?

If you spend any amount of time on Twitter, it may seem like all it’s good for is arguing about politics, discussing sports scores, or getting the latest celebrity gossip.

But what if your Police Department could leverage Twitter to make a difference? What if you could use Twitter to better establish your place in your community, humanizing your precinct even more, and thereby creating a closer bond with those that you’re dedicated to serving?

How would you even go about that?

Raymond Foster is a retired LAPD officer, consultant, author, and expert in the field of police technology. He was recently a guest on the Pinpoint Podcast and had some great advice about establishing a useful, engaging Twitter presence for your precinct.

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