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Mark43 Launches First Customer on the Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS) – Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office

23 February 2021   •   2 minute read

NEW YORK, NY, February 23, 2021 Mark43, the leading cloud-based public safety software company, today announced that it has launched its industry-leading Records Management System (RMS) for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office in Lafayette, Louisiana. In addition to enabling easy, secure data-sharing in the cloud and significantly cutting down report-writing time, Mark43 RMS seamlessly adheres to the FBI’s national crime reporting standards. Given the company’s customer-first approach, the agile platform also fulfills state-specific requirements, including the Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS). 

Created by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement in partnership with the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association, LIBRS is modeled after the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) program. With Mark43, data can be received from participating local and state law enforcement agencies, which allows cooperation and visibility across jurisdictions. While agencies nationwide have been working for years to meet the FBI’s January 1, 2021 deadline for NIBRS-compliant reporting, Mark43 automatically builds this into its RMS to make any necessary transitioning smooth and painless. 

Mark43 sees collaboration through technology as a key component of modern and effective public safety. For this reason, the company builds its cloud-native technology on a multi-tenant architecture to enable scalable information sharing between neighboring agencies.

“Our tech-forward agency is dedicated to serving as a model for public safety in everything that we do,” said Mark Garber, Sheriff of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. “Mark43 is a key part of our journey toward perfection in protecting and serving this community.”

“Legacy vendors have long failed to provide adequate support required for the complex job that is policing, and we are working to amend that through the power of data and good technology,” said Matthew Portanova, Vice President of Deployments at Mark43. “We are excited to work with LPSO, which stands out in its commitment to modernization that will bring benefits to employees and the community as a whole.” 

Mark43 has partnered with over 40 industry-leading tech providers to address all day-to-day agency needs and provide every necessary capability within its platform. To maximize the guidance and stability it provides for public safety agencies around the world, the multi-national company has six offices and over 220 team members that offer round-the-clock customer support.