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Mark43 Launches Accountability, Compliance, and Transparency (ACT) Package, a Tech Product for Police Departments Nationwide

25 June 2020   •   2 minute read

NEW YORK, NY June 25, 2020 Mark43, the leading cloud-based public safety software company, today announced the rollout of its Accountability, Compliance, and Transparency (ACT) Package to support police departments nationwide in serving and protecting their communities. The comprehensive package will include a combination of use of force reports, behavioral crisis reports, stop reports, and dashboards, to give agencies a full package to ACT on behalf of their community. 

In this watershed moment for United States law enforcement, Mark43 stands with all those who are angered by the unjustifiable death of George Floyd and the ongoing challenges of racism and inequity it represents. The company is working with law enforcement agencies to promote transparency, best practices, and innovation with the hope that their communities may know decades of trust, compassion, and partnership. The ACT Package is one of many actionable solutions to help law enforcement agencies to build community trust, make a change, and recommit to the missions they’ve been pursuing since their inception. 

Through its new comprehensive records management package, Mark43 will help police to streamline data collection and searchability. As the primary data collection tool for a police officer’s day-to-day activities, Mark43 can make sure that law enforcement efforts are documented, searchable, available, and ultimately accountable. With data management systems built to reflect the latest policies and best practices in law enforcement, Mark43’s ACT Package will also help departments become more compliant with internal policy and reinforce training and procedure at a user level. Importantly, ACT will enable police departments to become more transparent. Ensuring that data remains searchable, surfaced in dashboards, and available to the people that need it most – which includes command staff, city leadership, and members of the community – is the best way to guarantee that police departments are built on cornerstones of trust and service.

When fulfilled jointly and correctly, these three crucial objectives lay the foundations for policing that is just and equitable. Agencies that utilize Mark43’s ACT Package can be proactive, responsive, and empowered to fulfill their sworn duty. 

“We are dedicated to providing law enforcement with cutting-edge technology and resources in order to best serve the general public and their evolving needs,” said Matthew Polega, Mark43 Co-Founder and Head of Marketing. “With the ACT Package, we are enabling agencies to act quickly, meaningfully, and on behalf of the people whom they serve.”

Interested agencies, municipal leaders, and community members can email to learn more.