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Holyoke Police Department partners with Mark43 to adopt a modern technology platform to improve public safety

Industry-leading cloud-native computer-aided dispatch, records management system and analytics will play an important role as the Department addresses crime and supports the community
11 January 2024   •   2 minute read

NEW YORK – January 11, 2024 – The Holyoke Police Department in Massachusetts is embracing a new era of modern technology through Mark43, the leading cloud-native public safety software provider. Mark43’s Public Safety Platform will empower Holyoke’s law enforcement, ensure real-time information sharing, enhance officer safety, and save time on report writing so they can spend more time with the community.  

In a significant upgrade, Holyoke’s 120 sworn officers and 30 telecommunicators will transition from a legacy, on-premises platform to Mark43’s cloud-native CAD, RMS and Analytics suite which delivers the most secure and resilient solution available.  

David Pratt, Chief of the Holyoke Police Department said, “We are excited to join forces with Mark43 to provide our officers, detectives, records personnel and telecommunicators with state-of-the-art tools essential for efficient and effective job performance. Mark43 CAD and RMS will equip our first responders with real-time information so they can focus on fighting crime and serving the community. Just as importantly, this partnership will enable closer collaboration with neighboring agencies and cross-county partners so we can work together in our shared mission of delivering public safety.” 

Matt Polega, Co-founder and President of Mark43 said, “Holyoke is a progressive agency leading the way in Massachusetts by transitioning from legacy, on-prem technology to the modern, cloud-native Mark43 Public Safety Platform. We are proud to be their partner and set the bar for how technology can make operations more efficient in law enforcement.”  

Mark43 RMS is an intuitive records management system that will be used by officers and staff in everyday policing. Hosted on AWS GovCloud, Mark43 RMS enables faster report-writing, integrated compliance standards, and a superior user experience that leads to enhanced work performance and job satisfaction. The Mark43 RMS also includes an easy-to-use National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) reporting capability, which supports more accurate crime reporting. 

Mark43 CAD will provide the Holyoke PD with emergency dispatch software that pinpoints exact caller and responder locations and shares critical, life-saving data with all nearby responding units to enhance safety for emergency responders and ensures the right units are deployed to the right location. The cloud-native technology provides best-in-class security and reliability, meaning that Holypoke PD users will be able to access vital data quicker than ever, significantly improving officer safety, situational awareness, and their ability to serve the community.    

Holyoke PD will also be implementing Mark43 Analytics, a platform that will help to leverage the agency’s data to summarize trends and make informed decisions. The new partnership also includes robust training to ensure that officers are adept at using the new platform, as well as 24/7 customer assistance to give Holyoke PD ongoing customer support.  

Mark43 continues to partner with police departments across Massachusetts. In addition to Holyoke Police Department, Falmouth Police Department, Hampden County Sheriff’s Office, and West Springfield Police Department are also implementing Mark43 technology.   

About Mark43   

Mark43 is the leading cloud-native public safety technology company. By delivering a modern, intuitive and mobile-first Records Management System, Computer-Aided Dispatch and Analytics platform, Mark43 empowers governments and their communities to improve the safety and quality of life for all. Working with more than 200 local, state and federal public safety agencies, Mark43 is transforming how first responders use technology to respond, engage and serve the community. Mark43 provides the tools, resources, expertise, and security foundation that public safety needs today, tomorrow, and beyond. For more information or to request a demo, visit