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A Network of Public Safety Professionals: Introducing the Mark43 Guardian Community

Andre Gerard, Mark43 Community Manager  | 28 February 2022  |  2 minute read


Public safety professionals are the heart and soul of Mark43, which is why we continue to invest resources into providing them a world-class experience. Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Mark43 Guardian Community.

The Mark43 Guardian Community is a global community of public safety professionals, both sworn and civilian, united in their mission to protect and support their communities. The Mark43 Guardian Community offers opportunities for members to connect with their peers and the Mark43 team from around the world, share best practices, network, and advance the mission of public safety. The Mark43 Guardian Community is part of the Mark43 success ecosystem — our battle-tested, modern, customer-centric approach to adoption and customer-centric approach to implementation, education, adoption, and ongoing success.

Members of the Mark43 Guardian Community are:

Sworn and civilian public safety professionals united in their mission to protect and support community members around the world. From records keepers and administrators to the first responders in dispatch centers and the field, Guardians are passionate and care about the communities they serve.

The Mark43 Guardian Hub
The home of the Mark43 Guardian Community, the Mark43 Guardian Hub, is a public-facing, centralized platform for Mark43 customers, prospective customers, and partners to engage with Guardians and the Mark43 team. This interactive, self-service hub will provide discussion forums, support, learning opportunities, product information, and more to a global community of Guardians.

 The Guardian Hub is a place where people can:

  • Access resources and Mark43 best practices
  • Interact with public safety professionals from around the world
  • Learn from industry thought leaders
  • Receive feedback and support from others navigating similar challenges

“Staying connected with like-minded individuals is a critical component of professional development and success,” says Matt Polega, Mark43 Head of Communications and Public Policy and Co-Founder. “We’re excited to introduce the Mark43 Guardian Community in support of our mission to empower communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all.”

The Guardian Hub provides opportunities ranging from virtual to in-person events, the ability for Guardian members to showcase their knowledge, share expertise and ideas, and much more. We invite public safety professionals to join the Mark43 Guardian Hub by visiting We are looking forward to having you be part of the Guardian Community.

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