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Why Top Law Enforcement Agencies Choose Mark43

Kevin Fray  | 08 July 2019  |  3 minute read


At Mark43, we’re committed to helping build the future of public safety in partnership with our customers and their communities. We want to help you get the job done today, while also preparing you for whatever tomorrow brings.

We’re focused on mobile, agile solutions to the challenges your agency faces every day. With personalized, device-agnostic tools; intuitive software; and multi-tenant cloud-native architecture, we’re enhancing first responder safety, operational efficiency, and investigative effectiveness by ensuring you always have the latest tools at your disposal.

Why should you consider Mark43 for your department’s needs? Here are three of the common pain points that we solve for our agencies:


Quick Access to Data

For years, an aging records management system (RMS) stood in the way of the Richmond Police Department’s mandate to make the city a safer place to live because of the difficulty officers had in managing their daily crime reports. In a city of 102,000 these reports add up.

“We document everything from a found wallet on the street to multiple homicides involving multiple suspects and victims,” said Sgt. Timothy Gard of the Richmond Police Department. “Unfortunately, we had a server-based solution that was not user-friendly at all, and our reporting was very time-consuming.”

The Richmond Police Department chose the Mark43 RMS for its ease of use, its dedicated team of implementation specialists, and the peace of mind that comes with using an RMS powered by AWS GovCloud.

Now, officers of the Richmond Police Department complete reports faster than ever before and can access data in real-time from remote locations and on every type of device. Mark43’s cloud-based RMS means resources previously spent updating department servers can be allocated to other pressing IT initiatives, saving the department both time and money.


Decreasing Report Writing Time

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) employs over 3,700 sworn officers and coordinates activities with 40+ other law enforcement agencies in the nation’s capital. When Chief Cathy Lanier assumed leadership of MPD in 2007, police reports were still written by hand. Chief Lanier’s mission was to transform MPD into a technology-savvy police force and increase collaboration with neighboring agencies.

Realizing that the age and inefficiency of typical RMS software would hinder these efforts, Chief Lanier and the MPD Command Staff partnered with the team at Mark43 to build a new, reimagined RMS from the ground up. The resulting software platform, Mark43 RMS, addressed the common pain points of patrol officers, detectives, records clerks, and IT system administrators by streamlining paper-heavy processes, reducing repetitive data entry, and eliminating reporting error.

Mark43 RMS was so successful that it has led to an 80% reduction in incident/offense report writing time, a 50% reduction in arrest report writing time, and saved 238,000 hours per year on report writing, effectively putting 110+ officers back on patrol.


Empowering Dispatchers

A paper-heavy RMS and aging computer-aided dispatch (CAD) technology made it difficult for officers of the Placentia Police Department to protect and serve the city’s 50,000 citizens.

Basic reporting tasks, such as filing a police report, became a tedious process involving repetitive paperwork and more than a half-dozen software systems. As a result, the agency under-reported crime, which adversely affected funding for new staff, equipment, and other resources.

After switching to Mark43 CAD, officers of the Placentia Police Department now consolidate 911 events, police reporting, investigative cases, and evidence into one centralized system.

“With Mark43 CAD, officers are able to search for information on their own, issue their own report numbers, and dispatch themselves on calls,” said Dispatch Supervisor Martinez. “They weren’t able to do any of these things with our old CAD system.”

By empowering their agency with Mark43 CAD, the Placentia Police Department is now seeing improved communication between dispatchers and units. During active events, Mark43 CAD keeps dispatchers, units, and management aware of where resources are deployed in the city, in real-time. They are more in tune with each other and more connected to the community that they serve.


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How can Mark43 help with your agency’s needs? Let’s talk. Request a demo of Mark43 RMS and Mark43 CAD today.

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