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Not all cloud providers are created equal 

Haylea Reiner, Sr. Product Marketing Manager  | 05 July 2023  |  3 minute read


Moving operations to the cloud can seem like a scary, costly process. It can be difficult to understand the difference between cloud vendors to fully grasp the benefits, and potential risks, if you select the wrong partner. Not all cloud providers are created equal and it’s important for public safety to understand the infrastructure of the platform they are procuring to ensure they have the best technology today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

The Mark43 Public Safety Platform provides your agency with the modern SaaS ecosystem required to meet agency needs and make communities safer. Mark43 is the only public safety software solution built in the cloud (cloud-native), providing six core pillars of best-in-class superiorities in: innovation, resiliency, security, interoperability, accessibility, and value. 


Mark43 stays ahead of and evolves with changing demands. With agile development at the heart of technology, Mark43 is able to continuously deliver new product enhancements every six weeks. Being a true multi-tenant system allows for all customers to receive the same upgrades at the same time, with no on-site support needed.  


Being a cloud-native platform means that Mark43 has the unique ability to identify and resolve any failures with little-to-no disruption to the agency. Mark43 removes the infrastructure risk by having network, geographic, and data redundancy that allows agencies to only need an internet connection to remain operational.  

“With Mark43, our mission-critical systems stay operational during the worst weather conditions. Partner jurisdictions experience significant technology outages, but LSP keeps running.”

Allen Carpenter, Louisiana State Police


Mark43 was born on the AWS GovCloud to provide public safety with the strongest security posture possible with three layers of security. Mark43 demonstrates its unwavering commitment to the highest levels of security controls in its cloud-native technology platform. Building on Mark43’s existing security program which includes SOC 2 and SOC 3 certifications, Mark43 expects to reach full FedRAMP High and StateRAMP authorization in 2023.  


Gain access and insights like never before with one source of truth. Mark43’s cloud-native infrastructure provides the only Open API available to public safety today, making it easier than ever to connect to and integrate with all mission-critical applications.   


Mark43 works wherever there is Internet, on any device. Mark43 is disrupting the industry with mobile offerings that allow first responders to remain in the field receiving critical information and capturing all necessary data.  

“Mark43 OnScene is really intuitive, and it mirrors the functionality of [Mark43] First Responder. Officers are able to do a lot more away from their car. It’s been a huge help and will relieve dispatchers from a lot of functions and will increase efficiency. On-person GPS will increase officer safety. To be able to login on the phone, anywhere, is huge for situational awareness.”

Captain Glen Brock, Hemet Police Department


Mark43 provides transparent, predictable pricing that includes core product updates. Cloud-native multi-tenant infrastructure provides long-term cost savings by minimizing the impact on IT, improving efficiencies to remove administrative burdens, eliminating budget creep, and delivering more updates faster. 

“SAPD acquiring a new RMS was one of the best parts of my entire career.”

Deputy Chief Karen Falks, San Antonio Police Department 

As we mention in our prior blog, Three advantages of moving to cloud-native software for public safety, it’s important to evaluate potential technology partners and ask the following questions: 

  • Is your software cloud-enabled or cloud-native? 
  • Does your software reside on a server you manage in a data center? 
  • How do you maintain compliance with applicable laws/regulations? 
  • Will you require downtime to perform updates/maintenance? 
  • How long will the application be unavailable during updates/maintenance windows? 
  • What type of IT resources does my agency need to support your software? 

To learn how Mark43’s modern SaaS platform can serve your agency and community, please fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch for a personalized demo. 

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