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How to Adjust to Working Remotely

Kellie D'Amico  | 17 April 2020  |  2 minute read


For many people in the law enforcement and public safety community, the COVID-19 pandemic may be the first time you’ve experienced remote work. At Mark43, we’re lucky to have been well prepared for all-virtual work before this all started. We’re sharing some of our favorite practices with everyone who is trying to adjust to this new normal. We surveyed our colleagues to see what tips they recommend for making their work from home situations productive and efficient. We hope these help! 

Dedicate a space for work

“You may not have the room for a home office, but wherever you choose to work should be solely for work. Our team members suggest setting an alarm to begin and end your work time, and if you have the ability to take a lunch break, you should take it in a different space.”
Cassian Catanzaro, Product Research & Strategy Lead

Blue-light hiatus

“Relieve your eyes from the strain of the screen. Whether that means getting out and going for a solo walk (where permitted), doing the crossword, or petting your dog, make sure you’re taking a break from your devices and screens. Your eyes (and mind) will thank you!”
Christina Miller, Software Engineer

Reinvent watercooler breaks

“When you get up from your work space, grab a snack, talk to a friend, or send a quick text. Recreating those social experiences you usually have on the job will help bring a sense of normalcy to your day.”
Annie Shi, Senior People Team Associate

Virtual syncs

“Check in with your squad online. Reflect on how everyone is doing and make plans for a lunch together using video conferencing.”
Katy Ma, Product Designer II


“A key component of successful remote work is proper and thorough documentation. Documentation helps reduce knowledge silos and promotes transparency across the organization. We keep far too much information in our heads and this results in information bottlenecks and things slipping through the cracks. Designate rules for team documentation to ensure team members know how to do their job no matter where they are.”
E.J. Bensing, Director of Engineering 

Time-block your calendar

“Sharing the house with other family members or kids can make things pretty chaotic. Coordinate with your partner to schedule blocks of time for parenting or household chores so that no one feels overwhelmed. If you’re the sole caretaker, talk to your leadership about creating “on” and “off” hours so you can get it all done.”
Will Kane, Strategic Account Executive


Are you trying to understand how COVID-19 is impacting your agency? Mark43 is donating a one-year subscription to our Mark43 Pandemic Preparedness Package to any U.S. public safety agency interested in collecting and analyzing data related to the pandemic. 

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