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The Complex Challenges Facing Our Engineering Team

It’s gone by so quickly, but it was two years ago that we started work…

Episode 0: Introducing our Public Safety Technology Podcast

Welcome to the introductory episode of Pinpoint, a podcast from the public safety tech startup,…


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Ep 30: Technology and The Future of Policing w/ Nick Ashton

Ep 29: Women in Firefighting: The Frametown Story w/ Scotty Dunlap

Ep 28: A Transformational Policing Model Based on Community & Education w/ Dr. Tommy Tunson

Ep 27: Counterterrorism with Minimal Use of Force w/ Dr. Ahmet Yayla

Ep 26: Law Enforcement & Mental Health w/ Carrie Steiner

Ep 25: Drones & Public Safety w/ Romeo Durscher

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