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Top 6 Trends Impacting U.S. Public Safety in 2023

Matthew Polega, Co-Founder & Head of External Affairs  | 17 February 2023  |  2 minute read

2023 Trends Report

In the Mark43 2023 U.S. Public Safety Trends Report, we identified six trends that we believe will impact public safety this year. The report highlights the challenges facing public safety and provides key takeaways for how agencies can prepare for 2023 and beyond. In order to understand the six key insights every public safety leader needs to know in 2023, we interviewed police leadership, co-sponsored four listening sessions with our partners at The 30×30 Initiative, and asked our newly appointed board of advisors about key issues facing public safety in 2023. 

Survey results supported what we heard from experts

We also drew on two national surveys that we commissioned to gain perspectives from the American public and public safety personnel. The results helped us identify the six trends and craft actionable takeaways for public safety. For instance:

  • There is persistent public support for the police, including trust in the ability of law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and a belief in the good intentions of police to serve and protect the public
  • A majority of first responders want more modern technology that could improve reporting functionality and stronger cybersecurity measures
  • 60% of the general population is not confident the police are set up for success when it comes to cybersecurity
  • 67% of first responders are still using outdated on-premises systems that are higher risk and more expensive for agencies, implying public safety is not fully prepared for cyber risks

Beyond being an invaluable research tool, these surveys paint a fascinating picture of a public that continues to support law enforcement and the men and women who play a critical role in keeping communities safe. The findings proved that updating technology can be the bridge that enables public safety agencies to meet the demands of the public in 2023 and beyond.

The trends

We believe these six trends will contribute to the success of a public safety organization in 2023:

Leading agencies will move to cloud-native solutions for superior resiliency and security. Unplanned disruptions like natural disasters and cyberattacks are inevitable. How can agencies prepare themselves to continue responding to their communities no matter what?

Technology and data analysis are critical tools to address violent crime and gun violence. Communities are grappling with an increase in violent crime. How can agencies leverage technology to drive data-informed violence reduction strategies?

Modern policing requires modern technology. We use modern apps in our everyday lives. We should expect the same for public safety personnel on the job. What can agencies do to modernize their technology strategy?

Agencies will address the recruitment and retention challenge by investing in their people. There is a recruitment and retention crisis in public safety. What steps can agencies take to recruit and retain a changing and diverse workforce?

Compliance must be a habit, not a one-time event. Public safety agencies are expected to comply with a range of reporting requirements from local, state, and federal institutions. How can agencies achieve and maintain compliance?

Transparency and access to reliable data are vital building blocks to cultivating and maintaining trust. The public demands more data and transparency from law enforcement. How can agencies provide access to data to strengthen relationships with the communities they serve?

For a deeper dive into these trends, download our full 2023 U.S. Public Safety Trends Report.

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