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Three questions with a (former) cop: Fred Marziano

David Bratton  | 09 March 2023  |  2 minute read


For 32 years he performed just about every function across the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. Now he helps public safety agencies use technology to perform their missions. Meet Fred Marziano, a former cop now working at Mark43.

One in ten Mark43 employees are former law enforcement or public safety professionals. Collectively they bring more than 400 years of specialized experience to the company, and we put that experience to work every day for our customers. In this series you’ll meet some of these exceptional Mark43 employees.

After a stint in the Coast Guard Reserves, Fred Marziano was hired as a dispatcher for the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. Then, at  age 18, he became a Marin County Sheriff’s Deputy. For the next 32 years he served in a variety of specialized assignments including Search and Rescue, Dispatch, Bike Patrol, Field Training Officer, Marine Patrol, Homicide Investigator, and Major Crimes Task Force Commander.

Can you tell us about your role at Mark43?

I am a Solutions Architect Manager. The solutions architecture team is like a Mark43 Swiss Army Knife, in that we can do a little bit of everything. We have to be product experts, technological experts, and internal agency experts. One day we are in the field doing a demonstration for an agency, and the next we are on a scoping call to determine what our technology would do for the agency. We also work with our product team on future development. What will this system look like? How can we refine it and define it so it works better for all the public safety agencies that are out there? 



“We are like a Mark43 Swiss Army Knife, in that we can do a little bit of everything. One day we are  in the field doing a demonstration for an agency, the next we are  on a scoping call to determine what our technology can do for the agency.” 

What drew you to working at Mark43?

When I retired, I had no intention of working for a company like Mark43. For years, I was the one who was scoping and purchasing systems and who ensured they worked for my law enforcement agency. I was sick and tired of dealing with the other vendors we were using. On the day I announced my retirement from the sheriff’s office, I got a call from a few folks at Mark43. I said, “Are you crazy? I don’t want to be one of those guys.” But then I spoke to some members of the executive leadership team, and I was drawn into their story about how the company came about, where they were headed, and their mission.

I thought I could help, and also serve, as a driving force for public safety agencies. I had no idea what it was like to be on this side of the business, but if I could help provide truth and real guidance and benefit agencies, I was ready to sign on the dotted line. 

Talk to me about why mission-driven work is important to you?The old saying that “public safety work is a calling” is true. While I am not a police officer anymore, I still work daily to support them. I was not done serving the community. I believe in our product, I believe in our mission, and I believe that what we provide will help my brothers and sisters out there on the front lines. This is what drives me each day.

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