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TCOLE, TIBRS & More: Mark43 for Texas Agencies

Kellie D'Amico  | 10 March 2021  |  < 1 minute read


Both large and small law enforcement agencies in Texas have to comply with state-specific requirements while on the job. Mark43 customers in Texas have inspired new features for our public safety platform, increasing the ease-of-use and seamless workflows for users. A few examples of these priorities include the features our team designed below. 

TCOLE Stop Reporting

Texas agencies submit hundreds of thousands of TCOLE reports annually. These reports require info on racial profiling, and inconsistencies in reporting can create headaches and additional work down the line. Mark43 RMS uses TCOLE Stop Reporting cards to streamline data collection and correctly associate corresponding data with the reports and citation numbers. 

Juvenile Handling Requirements

The state of Texas has specific handling requirements for juveniles in reports, which must be documented in the RMS. The Mark43 engineering team created intuitive reports which capture the necessary information for those writing the reports, decreasing the amount of time it takes to approve a report for submission and ensuring the safety of data on juvenile records. Juvenile reporting also includes the ability to redact sensitive information for printing and exports, adhering to confidentiality standards. 

TIBRS Compliance 

Many Mark43 customer agencies are NIBRS-compliant whereby they maintain the FBI standard of crime-reporting by using the suite available only in Mark43 RMS. Every time a Mark43 agency goes live, our implementation team works to get our users compliant with their state’s crime-reporting standards, as well as federal, so Texas agencies are both TIBRS and NIBRS-compliant. 

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